Moo Goo

Moo Goo
Top notch treatment for dry skin conditons !
Ask in store- we know all about Moo Goo ! We are only too happy to help sort out your skin care needs
We brought Moo Goo into our store when one of our customers told us about this great Australian skincare range.
It works a treat on dry skin - and its suitable to use on infants and children!
As a treatment for eczema, dermatitis and
psoriasis, as well as the irritation of itchy, flaky skin, it is unparalleled. We recommend it to everyone!
Our top three products?.............
- Irritated Skin Balm - our top recommended treatment for eczema and psoriasis, steroid-free alternative skincare.
- MSM Cream - brilliant, have seen excellent results in the treatment of dry skin conitions including psoriasis.
- Milk Body Wash - this rich, creamy wash is a perfect all-in-one body wash for sensitive skin, and it's safe for baby!

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